My First Post

If you are interested in programming, data analytics, 3d printing, beer, and other endeavors, you have just arrived at the right place. I will be using my blog to discuss my interests and experience. I am the Data and Analytics Manager at a startup specializing in big data analytics and machine learning approaches to solving fraud problems. Before I worked in big data and analytics, I worked in the emergency services. Specifically, I was an Emergency 911 dispatcher for a county in Tennessee for 5 years. I volunteered at my local fire department as a firefighter and first responder/EMT. After five years, I made the decision to go to college for nursing while also getting my paramedic license so I could be a Vanderbilt LifeFlight nurse. While attending my night classes at Nashville State Community College, I discovered a love for math and physics. Four years later, I graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN with my Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. Shortly after, I landed my first startup job as a Data Analyst. In 2021, I graduated from Northern Illinois University with my Master of Science in Data Analytics.

In the years since my first startup job, I’ve grown as a Data Scientist and leader. I’ve had the opportunity to build out projects end-to-end from research to final product and I have loved every minute of it. While my past as an emergency dispatcher was probably more impactful, my time as a data expert in the startup world has been far more fulfilling. My goal for this blog is to share that enthusiasm and hopefully help other budding Full-Stack Data Science experts grow their careers in the startup world developing new ways to solve big problems.

Through my posts I’ll explore beer, 3d printing, big data analysis, GoLang, Python, SQL, and Raspberry Pi hacking, among other things. I’ll discuss my experience working in startups and hopefully I’ll be able to talk about my successes and maybe some failures. This blog will serve as a way to help others, grow my personal brand, and track my own projects, research, and ideas.

What’s going on right now?

What I’m building right now:

🚧 Using GoLang to write a flexible API request framework for pulling large amounts of public data from free APIs with command line flags for parameters.

What I’m drinking right now:

🍺 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

What I’m reading right now:

📚 The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

What I’m watching right now:

📺 Welcome to Wrexham

What I’m playing right now:

🎮 Pokemon Unite

What I’m Learning right now:

🎓 The electric guitar 🎸 open-chords and simple riffs.
🎓 nvim
🎓 GoLang
🎓 AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification