Twitch Streaming

Twitch, parent company Amazon, is the leading streaming platform on the web reaching over 7.03 million users in 2022. The vast majority of streamers using the Twitch service are streaming video game gameplay or “Just Chatting”. Among the video games categories you can find almost any video game imaginable. Amongst the “Just Chatting” category you will find streamers that primarily interact with chat with any combination of engaging gimmicks. As a long time Twitch user, I have recently begun experimenting with what I hope will be a unique interactive and engaging concept that will allow Twitch users that are interested in STEM concepts like engineering, mathematics, and technology to participate in my interest by watching and participating in my stream. My first few streams have taken place this week as I set out on a mission to become a Twitch Affiliate. A Twitch Affiliate is a streamer that has reached several goals, such as follwer count, regular streaming, and an average user count above a defined minimum threshold.

My concept is straightforward. I am joining many other educational streamers to share my interests. To start with, I am streaming lengthy 3d prints while interacting with chat and answering questions. I believe that, over time, STEM enthusiasts that are particularly interested in things that I enjoy will gravitate towards my channel and engage with me. I enjoy some perks as a remote worker that mean I can participate in chat while my largely automate music and 3d printer provide an engaging visual stream. My ultimate goal, upon reaching affiliate status, is to engage my Twitch channel with interesting and interactive streams like building interactive projects and allowing my viewers to interact with the builds via API.

My first few streams have engaged a small number of viewers that are primarily supporting me from other channels that I have been along time participant in. As I continue, I hope that my coworking STEM style stream will engage more viewers and help me reach Twitch Affiliate status so that I can reach more streaming goals, like a live build of a soup to nuts 3d printed, Arduino-driven machine that is activated by viewers via the Twitch API.

As with most things, this is a work in progress and I hope to be helping other potential streamers and builders by sharing my progress.

What’s going on right now

What I’m building right now:

🚧 Building my Twitch channel and trying to reach Affiliate status

What I’m drinking right now:

🍺 Three Notch’d West Coast IPA

What I’m reading right now:

📚 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers by JRR Tolkien

What I’m watching right now:

📺 Derry Girls

What I’m playing right now:

🎮 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

What I’m learning right now:

🎓 🎸 Learning my scales.
🎓 neovim
🎓 GoLang
🎓 AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification