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Data Science Ninja

Migrating to Mastodon from Twitter

Like many people, I’ve made the decision to migrate my sparce social media presence from Twitter to Mastodon. I am a big advocate of open source. I think the fediverse, as the open-source Mastodon ecosystem has been referred to, is a flexible and very useful system for a well-curated social media presence. It is a little more involved to get started, so here are some tips. The first thing you need to do is decide on a server.

My First Brew Day

Today was a big day for me. A day I’ve been thinking about and planning for a long time. My first beer brewing day! And I want to tell anyone that might be interested in learning the ancient art of brewing that it was not hard at all. There is a time commitment of several hours but the project I have been intimidated by for years was actually not difficult.

My Morning Ritual

I have a productivity ritual and set of habits I follow most mornings to get my ready to be productive and I wanted to share them. I live in the Eastern Time Zone while most of my coworkers work from the Central Time Zone. Because we work remotely, I have a set of rituals that I follow that I believe replace my commute and office arrival with more productive activities. In the before days (before COVID), I would drive about 20 minutes, sometimes grabbing a breakfast sandwich on the way.

Distro Hopping

I’ve been primarily using different flavors of Linux personally and professionally since around 2014. For most of those years, I’ve been using Ubuntu. Recently, I got the chance to upgrade my company laptop after 5 years on a Macbook Pro. I opted for a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition shipped with Ubuntu. For the first few weeks, I kept Ubuntu but noticed a lot of issues with my docking and random video freezes that requiered a hard reboot.

My First Post

If you are interested in programming, data analytics, 3d printing, beer, and other endeavors, you have just arrived at the right place. I will be using my blog to discuss my interests and experience. I am the Data and Analytics Manager at a startup specializing in big data analytics and machine learning approaches to solving fraud problems. Before I worked in big data and analytics, I worked in the emergency services.